Run For Your Life and Gore Up for Australia’s first Zombie Run

Run For Your LifeZombies. Yes that’s right, if your want to test out your day-prepping skills, you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or the kind of person who needs a little bit of extra motivation when you exercise, we have the perfect fun run for you.

Forget Commando Steve screaming in your ear, you’ll have zombies on your heels instead during the 5km Run For Your Life obstacle course taking place on 5th September. The concept comes straight from the US, where Zombie runs have been held all over the country.

Now, you do get to choose if you want to be a “zombie” or a “survivor”. Survivors get three “life” tags to hang around their waist and the aim of the game is to make it through the blood pit, over the high rise and underneath some tight spots. The whole time you’ll be ducking and diving out of the reach of waves of zombies intent on stealing those “lives”.

If you make it t­o the “Safe Zone” with a tag/life intact, you’ll get a Survivor medal and get to live out the Apocalypse dance party all smug and satisfied. Arrive without any “lives” and you’ll be “disinfected” – we’re guessing some kind of dunking or ritual soaking.

Prefer to get your gore on and make crazy eyes? Sign up to be a Zombie. A team of makeup artists are on hand to make the “Zombification” realistic. Expect prosthetic wounds, wild hair and a nice spray of blood.

Either way, you all get to enjoy the Apocalypse Dance Party and it’s “Ration” stations serving food and drink. 

Run For You Life
Western Sydney Parklands
390 Cowpasture Rd, Abbotsbury
$79 per person

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