Leonard’s House of Love


When you mix the atmosphere of a lounge room and a bar together you get Leonard’s House of Love, the newest bar to hit South Yarra. With a 3am licence and a no BS policy, this new venue from the team behind The Sweetwater Inn is a little different to most venues south of the river.

Who is said team we hear you ask? Owners Mark Catsburg, Jonathon Harper, Guy Bentley, and Nick Stanton, along with Hannah Parkie who will be managing the venue. The space is all very 70s with patterned wallpaper, a large TV and tan leather couches in one area, exposed brick and hanging chandeliers in another, a pool table, and an open fireplace. Essentially, Leonard’s House. He’s a little bit old school, but knows how to have a good time. And on the weekends that good time will be aided by the DJs.

Coopers Pale Ale and Bathtub Brew will be a few of the on tap beers with a range of bottled available too. Cocktails come in old school cups and look more to the past for inspiration. The back bar is well stocked and with house parties always relying on flowing booze, the bar staff will take good care of you.

Nick Stanton (Longhorn Saloon, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Woods of Windsor) is in charge of the edibles.  The menu will be on the casual side with fried chicken, charcoal chicken, chicken tenders with pickles and buttermilk sauce, or even poutine of spicy chipotle bolognaise fries topped with cheese sauce and spring onion.

Feeling really hungry? Go for the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – half a rotisserie chicken served with a backed potato, fries, salad, and gravy. It’s like your best mate invited you over for dinner and his mum went all out cooking up a storm. Plus burgers, mash, vegan options, and salads for those wanting to steer clear of the fried goodness. Or if you’re lucky the specials board might drum up something like clam chowder in a toasted cob.

House parties, the best of times and the worst of times. Leonard is bringing the former.

Leonard’s House of Love
3 Wilson Street, South Yarra

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