Woollhara’s I Maccheroni launches a new season of Northern Italian delights

Fast cars and slow pasta they might seem a strange combination. But perhaps its due to the speed of travel that people take more time over their pasta in the Italian region of Modena – home to Ferrari and the famous little prancing black cavallino horse. Woollhara might be on the other side of the world, but its got its fare share of fancy cars, plus a neighbourhood Italian which driving its own path of proudly northern Italian cuisine.

I Maccheroni is headed up by Chef Proprietor, Marcello Farioli (ex-10 William Street, Fratelli Paradiso, Otto and Pendolino) and has launched a new menu to celebrate the changing of the seasons. With a blink and you miss it location, enter the intimate ground floor space, pull up a seat at the dark wooden bar or head up the winding staircase to the top level. 

Throw your preconceptions of starter, main and dessert away. Instead look at this as a wonderful grazing menu which is best shared. Oversized parcels of deep fried ravioli containing a delicious filling silverbeet and ricotta are just begging to be picked up by hand and nibbled.

Mushroom arancini

Four delicate golden orbs of rice are a pretty picture. Inside is a silky oozy filling of mushroom arancini, the experience of breaking one is more like that of a perfectly cooked poached egg. The pasta section is small but lovingly executed. Burnt butter and sage is the perfect coating for handmade spinach tortellini – the 24month aged Reggiano giving the filing a nice salty kick. An earthenware pot arrives at the table, bechamel sauce has the right amount of caramelisation (complete with those crispy edges!) and its filling of beef brisket ragu wrapped in cannelloni tubes is rich and filling. The tiramisu looks more like a pretty bomb alaska, with a layer of slithered almonds which adds aromatic and textural contrast.

Maccheroni Guanciale Caciocavallo

Romp through the Italian vineyards starting with a prosecco Metodo Charmat, you can’t miss the 2018 Chianti Sangiovese with its robust fruits and cheery red hue. Italian hospitality accompanies your journey and encourages you to linger just a little longer with complimentary limoncello. If you are really serious, then ask for Ricetta Original Limoncello Silvio Garta – the Ferrari of Limoncello’s

They say it’s not the destination…it’s the journey. Here you can have fun with both, just watch those corners!

 I Maccheroni,3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra, 2025 NSW
Monday – 5:30pm – 9:00pm, Tuesday – Friday 5:30pm – 10:00pm Saturdays From 11am

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