How to Choose Colour for Your Home : Top Painting Tips Guide

Join us as Editor Carrie Kwan takes you through her home painting project in our Taubmans three part series


RET0430 Colour tool-dining after_620x438Fear Of Missing Out (I totally get it), arithmophobia (sometimes, when thinking about credit card purchases), but fear of colour? This one took me by surprise.

It seems I’m not alone, as more than two thirds of us choose to paint interiors white for fear of getting paint colours wrong. A home is akin to sacred ground – a series of precious spaces where you can retreat to for rest and relaxing, for comfortably entertaining or bonding with family. So it comes as no surprise you want the mood to be right, and your walls to look perfect.

As a homeowner of a new property, decorating our house is something my husband Michael and I have wanted to do since we were given the keys. And with the arrival of spring, and our new baby boy Remy, there was no better time to tackle that DIY painting.


To get clued up on how colour could work best in our spaces we enlisted the expert help of Shaynna Blaze, interior designer, TV presenter and Taubmans Brand Ambassador.  Follow our journey as we breathe colour into our home with a makeover of our master bedroom, nursery room, living and dining space.

Where to begin?

Before choosing colours, Shaynna recommends we consider the furnishings, floors and furniture that will be staying in the house. We have art deco alcoves and details on our ceilings, wooden flooring and stained glass wooden sash windows.

Commandments when choosing colour

How would Shaynna choose colours for her own home?  Try to understand the emotional connection that you have to certain hues and use colours from your past as inspiration.

Pinterest mood board

One of the most memorable experiences my husband and I have shared is trekking in the wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina. One day we walked along steely coloured streams, through breathtaking forests, up to a crystal blue glacier and only came across one soul (a park ranger). We have this beautiful photo of a snow-capped Mount Fitzroy from that day, and the colours from this photo are inspiration for our colour palette. A modern twist on everyday neutrals – warmer shades of grey (to make our darker floors less prominent) and crisp whites to give strength and energy to a room.

Colour is a personal medium so understanding what moods certain hues evoke would help narrow colour choices. Michael loves cloud formations, and the countless shades you see from a beautiful sunset. I am drawn towards fifty or so shades of blue, as for me the colour represents serenity and comfort.

Shaynna explains that the copper and metals that we love will end up really popping with some of the dark colours – including Taubmans ‘Hi Ho Silver’ – she has selected. As the rooms do have a dark aspect we’re careful not to go too dark but enough to give it a real hint of excitement. Overall we have decided on tonal greys (rather than bold colours) as mood is our preference and tonal picks are best for this.                                                              

Shaynna explained how translating a colour from a happy memory to your interiors creates a positive atmosphere in your room. Someone I admired once gave me an owl as this mysterious bird is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom, learning and intuitive knowledge – all attributes we hope our baby son will have. A collection of grey, green and white is chosen for our nursery, inspired by the striking colours of a barn owl. We’re keen try Taubmans ‘Grey Attitude’ – a green-based paint Shaynna assures us is perfect for white nursery furniture to go against.

Barn owl

Using colours it’s important to take on the 60-30-10 rule – tried and true in interiors. We’ll divide some rooms into 60 percent of a dominant colour, 30 percent of a secondary colour and 10 percent of an accent or ‘pop’ colour.

Test out your colours

Now that our colour selection narrowed, it was time to put them to the test.

The Taubmans website offers a virtual test using a clever Paint Your Own Room tool to help you visualise the colour combinations and changes to each space. You simply upload your photo, mark your walls and choose your colours. With more than five thousand Taubmans shades to pick from, it’s easy to get carried away with all of the combinations – something to spend a fun weekend doing.

RET0430 Colour tool-living After_620x438

With our final selection in mind we went to Bunnings to pick up colour pots to test on cards pinned to our walls. Remember to note them at different times of the day when the light differs.

Keep following my Taubmans Colour series project. In part 2 of our journey we’ll be sharing painting tips, tricks and techniques to make using colour easier.

The tools to use:

Paint Your Own Room – upload a photo of your room, mark the walls, and virtually test your pick of thousands of Taubmans hues.

10 Commandments of Colour – quick and easy rules to follow when selecting colours.

Pinterest – mood board your inspirations to steer your colour choices. See our mood board for style and spaces here.


The paint’s dry – check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ reveal

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