Tech Addict: Security in the dark

The colour night vision offered (Left) by the EZVIZ C3W Colour Night Vision Outdoor Wifi Camera when compared to standard camera night vision (right)

Addicted to:
+ Sleek design
+ High quality
+ Incredible night-vision
+ User-friendly app

Watch out for:
– Works best when hard-wired into position
– Make sure you position it high enough out of the way so the camera itself doesn’t get nicked.
– Let’s see how the camera goes through an Australian Summer

It’s the online shopper’s worst nightmare, after waiting for weeks for your parcel to arrive, it gets dropped to the front door and left there for all the world to see… and potentially nicked while it sits there. Just six months into the pandemic, Australia Post reported online shopping growth increased 75.8% year-on-year and with more of us now buying via the internet, many have turned to tech to try and keep their parcels, and their homes safe.

Daily Addict wanted to try out the latest and greatest in-home security and that came in the form of EZVIZ C3W Colour Night Vision Outdoor WiFi Camera. While the name is long, the sales pitch is succinct; this little camera has all the firepower and tech prowess any homeowner would want or need to keep a watchful eye over their home and loved ones, day or night.

Rated IP67 the camera can survive any season thrown its way

All you need to get started is WiFi and a smartphone. EZVIZ uses an app of the same name, available on Android & iOS, in order to connect and set up the device and once you’ve placed the camera where you’d like it you are good to go. The EZVIZ C3W Colour Night Vision Outdoor WiFi camera is rated IP67 which means it can be positioned outside without being affected by rain, sun or even snow. The party trick of this particular model is its colour night video. Through the combined power of spotlights, infrared light, and motion-detection the image result is vibrant and even has colour regardless of whether it’s day-or-night.

Through the EZVIZ app, which is super easy to navigate, you have the option to save, capture and even share the surveillance footage as well as ‘live’ zoom-in and even have a two-way conversation. If the postman delivers a parcel you will be notified via the app and then be able to instruct them through the inbuilt speakers where to place it out of the way. The camera will then have an eye on the goods until you’re able to get home and bring them inside.

Position at your front door for peace of mind

If an unwelcome guest does appear at your residence the camera can even actively discourage them from coming any closer. Through a feature dubbed ‘Active Defence’ functionality, a loud sired and flashes from the spotlights can be set off and controlled via the app, even the noise is adjustable. You don’t have to have just one device as well; you can pair as many of these cameras to you phone and even integrate them into the smart home control centre if you have one.

If you have a place that allows you to hardwire one of these devices in, then the EZVIZ C3W Colour Night Vision Outdoor WiFi Camera is definitely worth considering. While relatively new to the market this offering stands out with the easy app, to integration into a Google smart home, the ability to act as an alarm, and two-way speaker. Once you are up and running, you’ll have no trouble, and have the peace-of-mind that a security system allows. Your online shopping is safe again.


The EZVIZ C3W Colour Night Vision Outdoor Wifi camera is available via RRP $199

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