Get Flowing at the Fluid Project

You know how you go to those canvas-based paint and sips? And they tell you that ANYONE can do it; it’s so easy … and then yours comes out and looks like poo?

No? Just me?

This, fellow Addicts, is not that kind of place. At the Fluid Project, not only can you spend a wonderful couple of hours expressing your inner artiste, but you can make something, with your own two hands, that you’ll actually LOVE displaying. (No more shoving your canvases in the closet never to be seen again.) Located in a spacious open-air warehouse in Homebush West, it’s worth the drive, and you can even BYO if you want, in which case it might be better to take the bus or Uber.

Fiona Wang and Allen Fu started the Fluid Project in September of 2022, and already are talking about expanding. They’re a finalist in the Aussie Small Business Awards this year and say demand is brisk with enquiries from overseas and across Australia coming in daily. Begun as an alternative to boozy clubs (Fiona doesn’t drink) and a chance to connect via a creative experience with friends or as a family, the space has a welcoming and super friendly vibe. The space can also be hired out in full for hen’s do’s and birthdays, and coming soon – they’re hosting a rave.

At the session we attended, there were couples on date night, siblings making a gift for their parents, besties with their Moet, and children blowing glitter post-paint (there are never enough occasions in life to blow glitter from the palm of your hand, so grab this one.) My partner may not have been thrilled about going initially (“We’re painting … bears?”) but he ended up having a fantastic time, just like I did. The space is accessible for those with mobility needs, too.

And get ready to make some decisions here because there is a lot to choose from. You’ll start by selecting your model. Chubby bunnies, unicorns, balloon dogs, Frenchies, Lucky cats, spacemen – the list goes on. Then the size. It matters, right? Tiny to toddler-sized bears (bears are the most popular model) are lined up all in a row along with their ‘waiting to be painted’ friends. Once that’s decided, it’s time to commit to colour. From a spectrum that runs the rainbow, go from sedate to super-extra. It’s all up to you. Your selections will be layered in a cup and provided to you for the ever-so-satisfying pour that will make your creation different from anyone else’s.

I choose the medium balloon dog and the Mr chooses the Lucky cat. We write our chosen colours on our Post-it, without letting the other one see. When the lovely Terrence delivers our paint to us, they’re practically the same palette. HA! We glove up, and after receiving some expert tips from Terrence, begin to pour. Slowly and steadily, the paint flows over and around the models with lines and layers and patterns. For the missed spots, we grab a spoon and gently without mixing, scoop up some of the pooled paint from the tray, filling them in. It’s incredibly satisfying and I immediately want to do another!

If you can’t make it to Homebush, you can have your own DIY party at home with a kit shipped right to your door.

This is one project that won’t be shoved into the cupboard.


Address: Unit H7, 161 Arthur St, Homebush 2140 Hours: M-F 1p-9p, Sat 10a-9p, Sun 10a-7p Visit website for bookings, hiring the space for groups and pricing Email: 0414 898 589

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Ivy believes in the power of the perfect cupcake, and drinks her Pinot Noir with an ice cube. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she knows a thing or two about hospitality and that the word ‘y’all’ will never completely disappear from her vocabulary. Happily settled in Sydney, she’s always up for an adventure and a long black with oat milk. When she’s not travelling, she’s practicing Pilates, reading or kissing strangers’ dogs on the mouth. Especially if it’s a rescue dog.


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