What Do You Mean You Don’t Use a Hair Treatment?


Tsk, tsk. Shame on you. You only have yourself to blame the next time a bad hair day rolls around. You could prevent it you know. There’s this fabulous and inexpensive thing called hair treatments and they work wonders on turning dry, ratty strands into luscious locks. 

We recently trialed Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle intensive treatment and what do you know – we didn’t have to miss an episode of My Kitchen Rules, cancel all our Friday night plans because we were washing our hair, or hide under a hat on those second-day-hair days. We simply stayed in the shower those three minutes longer and applied the treatment to our shampoo and conditioned hair, sang a little song for three minutes then rinsed and went on our merry way.

That’s all it takes out of your week. Not bad. In  fact, three extra minutes in the shower is ok by us.


And the results?

Expect to see it work its magic on your looking-a-little-worse-for-wear hair that’s seen way too much sun, surf and styling tools this summer. It instantly repairs and seals every strand so your hair stays healthy and happy. Plus it will reduce protein loss (no protein equals brittle hair that’s prone to breakage), prevent future split ends (thank you product that only costs $7.99 for a pack of three for saving us an extra, and expensive, visit to the hairdresser for a trim), protects against extreme damage and gives you that gorgeous shine that makes you want to flick your hair back and forth. And while three minutes is all it takes, it will essentially save you more time in the long run because a bad hair day can take hours to fix.

So what do you say ladies, are you with us? Can you spare three minutes for a hair treatment? Yes?! We thought you might say that.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle is available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.


This message is sponsored by Pantene. 


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