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Easter is such a wonderful time of the year. That’s what we think over here at Daily Addict anyway. Chocolate is in constant abundance – which isn’t that much of an unusual occurrence in our world, but we’re encouraged to eat copious amounts of it at this time of year. Oh the joy.

We could talk about chocolate all day, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favourite venues to buy chocolate this year. It was hard research, but someone had to do it. You owe us big time, that cool?

Burch and Purchese


Sometimes you want your chocolate to be as beautiful as it is tasty and that’s where Burch and Purchese comes in. These guys are artists with sweet treats. And their 2015 Easter range is no exception. It includes things like the decadent salted caramel eggs that are dusted gold, the cute Easter Bunny Lollipops (all chocolate of course), a little white rooster with all the trimmings, and this year we are super excited about the adorable Sneaky B&P Chocolate Chick which sees a hollow speckled egg filled with a little yellow chick. Too cute for words. Something the little kids will love to look at and the big kids among us will love to eat.




Xocolatl is a chocolate shop in Kew and Maling Road Canterbury that puts the fun back into chocolate making. The family run business has always been into interesting flavour combinations in their chocolate which can be seen in their basil champagne, the rose caramel, and the mango gorgonzola. We’re willing to do the research. Their chocolates are also seriously intricate with one chocolate consisting of five layers of chocolate ganache and apricot jelly. That’s dedication, right there. They also make chocolate bars, nougats, blocks of take home sweets, and celebration creations in time for Easter.


Pana Chocolate

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Pana Chocolate caters to the health conscious in all of us. The raw chocolate is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, and soy free. It’s also insanely rich and tasty. You certainly don’t feel like you’re being let out of an indulgence, but your body is even better for it afterwards. Creations in their Richmond and now Alexandria shops serve up amazing raw individual chocolates and slices including anything from the raw wagon wheel to mint ‘cheese’ cake slices. You can also go for their take home blocks, the Sour Cherry and Vanilla is an all time favourite of ours.


Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie


After opening their Cacao Lab in the Melbourne CBD not too long ago, Cacao has been keeping us fat and happy with their éclairs and macarons, and of course chocolates. This Easter, they’re keeping things fun and playful with a range that is going to entice the big and little kids. ‘Free Range’ Eggs are served in half a dozen cartons, where six hollow white, milk, and dark eggs are coloured and nestled in carefully, while the Smartie Pants is a huge egg filled with Smarties, just like the ones from our childhood egg hunts. We want one of everything.


Koko Black 


Koko Black has always kept things sophisticated when it came to chocolate. And with chocolate as good as theirs we can’t blame them. Their venues are refined and elegant, letting you sip your fancy warm mug of goodness while you nibble on some stunning chocolate in a space that makes you want to take the time to enjoy it. Their Easter range is, as we’d expect, just as refined. Box sets of 4 – 40 pieces are on offer, with delicate pencil tins filled with small bunnies, and even a range of hand crafted bunnies available in three sizes.


Monsieur Truffe


The guys at Monsieur Truffe are all about quality. They only use the finest high-quality coverture they can source creating single origin chocolate which really showcases the wonderful thing that is the cacao bean. Artisan chocolate makers at their best, and the bars speak for themselves. Try their 70% dark chocolate with salted pistachios or maybe their 38% milk chocolate with coconut. Or delve into a flavour experience with their single origin range including the organic 74% dark chocolate from the Domenican Republic. 


I Quit Sugar


For those who steer clear of the sugar in the world, or who can’t stomach it (fructose intolerant among us) Easter can sometimes be a difficult and sad time. Either you eat too much of what you usually avoid resulting in a cranky tummy, or you miss out on all the fun. Not this year friends. Not this year. Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar tribe have created a 96% Chocolate range for those who fear sugar. Available in retail stores in Sydney and online for the rest of us, this chocolate won’t give you a sugar rush, or break the diet.




For those who need to steer clear of fructose but still like a sweet treat every now and then, the beautiful team at Liefje have created a stunning dark chocolate that uses maple syrup as the sweetener, meaning you can enjoy it any day of the year, not just over the Easter holiday. You’ll find these bad boys for sale at a range of smaller stockists as well as via their website. We’re addicted to the smoked salt and the hazelnut crunch. You’re welcome.





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