San Churro’s new Gold Menu has our mouths watering

All that glitters is gold. And comes with churros. That’s according to San Churro, who have just launched their brand new Gold Chocolate menu. If you thought deep fried sugared dough dipped in chocolate couldn’t get any better, think again.

The Gold menu takes things up a notch. We’re talking gold bullion bars, gold pearls, and gold gelato.

Now you might be thinking gold is just a bit of gold leaf – well, yes, you get gold dust sprinkled on your Golden Gatsby hot chocolate – but San churro has actually created their very own glamour. Gold Chocolate is a glorious combo of caramel and chocolate. It’s decadent, and very very delicious, and it seems to work in just about every combo – try the Gold Digger; gold gelato scooped into a churro cup – like a cob loaf but so much better. You’ll have to dig past a big scoop of gold gelato dotted with caramel popcorn and a chocolate bullion bar to get to the milk chocolate ice cream and the churro bowl. It’s big, bold and beautiful. Then there’s the Treasure Trove Churro Snack Pack; where bite-sized churros hide underneath a mountain of gelato, gold chocolate, chunky chocolate honeycomb pieces and another gold bullion. Mouth watering yet?

Go all out and wash it down with the Midas Touch; a gold chocolate and gelato smoothie. Don’t forget the gold choccies and special macaron now on the menu too.

Drooling? You should be. The good news is you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford all this bling, but the even better news is that San Churro are giving away the chance to win an entire year’s worth of chocolate. All you need to do is find the 24 carat golden ticket – by find, we mean scan your EL SOCIAL San Churro loyalty card or app when you buy something off the Gold menu. If you don’t win, you still get to eat your chocolate and churros, so everyone wins, really.

San Churro 

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