Will the Real Monteith’s Please Stand Up?


You remember the song that sent Eminem to stardom? Recent fraudulent activity has us singing a similar tune. Someone has seemingly tampered with our beloved Monteith’s Cider and we want to set the record straight. Will the real Monteith’s please stand up?

No, it’s not an April Fools’ prank (or is it?). Did you recently ask yourself if perhaps they’d had a little bit too much of their own cider before packaging up the bottles? That perhaps the slight misspelling ‘Monteeth’s’ on the labels was a tipsy typo. No, friends. It’s the work of an imitation artist. Someone thought they could ride the wave of thirst-quenching success and do a number on us.

After seeing these incriminating ‘Monteeth’s’ images on social, we made our enquiries, and the fake stuff is made with apple concentrate unlike the real deal, which comes from a cidery in Nelson, NZ and is made from only 100% freshly crushed NZ apples.

Thankfully the streets have been cleaned up and are now free of imitation cider. Well, almost. Turns out 95% of cider sold in Australia is made from reconstituted apple concentrate. We don’t know about you but if there’s cider made from 100% crushed apple we’ll drink that, thank you very much. 

Want to know more about the crack-down on concentrate? Monteith’s takes to the street, Border Security style… 

For more information visit www.therealciderstory.com.au

This message is sponsored by Monteith’s . DISCLAIMER. This did not actually happen. Although we really do wish Sniffer Sheep were a thing.



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