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Your mind is your greatest asset – it’s the reason you’re where you are today – but sometimes it could do with a break. Only problem is, you’re so used to running on frenetic you don’t know how to make it S.T.O.P.

Meditation is the art of learning to focus in the present so the mind becomes clear and the body relaxes. The most important thing about meditation is simply to sit down regularly and actually do it. The “guru of calm”, Paul Wilson, recommends setting aside a mere 13 minutes a day. His quick tips on how to meditate will appeal to your busy state of being, and no excuses after you’ve set your time-out reminder.

After practicing for a few weeks, most people start to feel more positive, creative and, of course, more peaceful. Try it over a longer period to overcome stress and strengthen your immune system.

Even Mach-types need to stop every now and then and refuel.

Meditation Society of Australia offers a free, non-denominational online meditation course (or subscribe via iTunes).


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