Buzz photography

Your encounter with a bug meets one of two reactions: 

a.  Quick my little friend, let me help you escape.
b.  Eek! Kill it! No you kill it!

Come across a Shutterbug and expect something much more pleasant. Why? This is Sydney’s non-professional photography festival, held next Tuesday 3 June at The Chauvel Cinema Paddington.

Aspiring Australian photographers take part in the competition by submitting 20-40 photographs with the same theme. The brief that they work to is excellence across a body of work rather than a single image.

Expect to catch a glimpse of many of the entrants’ work, before slideshows of the top fifteen emerging artists play out on the big screen.  Dean Tirkot, Ben Campbell, Kate O’brien and award-winning photo-journalist Tamara Dean serve on the judging panel and will announce the winner. Later on you can make the trip down Oxford Street to The Fringe Bar for the after-event party with the photography fraternity.

Last year’s finalists give a taste of what to expect, and good reason why this type of bug should be set free.

6.30pm Tuesday 3 June 2008
The Chauvel Cinema Paddington
Corner Oxford Street and Oatley Road Paddington, 2021
(02) 9361 5398
After-party from 9.30pm

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