The Goodness Company Live Liquid Detox

It’s live food, but not as we know it.

Forget specialised hunting tools or any ensuing psychological trauma, this is living sustenance you can tackle while you’re still in your PJs.  

Natural Detox Drinks by The Goodness Company is Sydney’s only organic “live” detox drink program. Each concoction is full of living natural ingredients combined with a bloat-busting pro-biotic component made from green tea, blended not juiced to ensure no nutrients slip away.

Not only are the drinks free from teeth and claws but from chemicals, preservatives, sugars, gluten, processed ingredients and fruit juice concentrates. Just 100% organic raw plant-based superfoods packed with nutrients, minerals and omega fatty acids — think acai, kale, cacao, goji berries and anything else that could have been pilfered from the contents of Miranda Kerr’s shopping trolley.

And if the promise of glowing skin, soaring energy levels and shedded kilos still leaves you feeling apprehensive, the “Transition Detox” lets you sink your teeth Bear Grylls-style into one leafy solid per day.

Getting a raw deal has never been so satisfying. 

Natural Detox Drinks
T: 04 252 436 38
Natural Detox Drinks products can be delivered straight to clients’ doors in cool packs twice weekly, or purchased at selected health food stores in Sydney and Southern Highlands

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