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There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Between gym sessions, emails, work, drinks, work, gym, where is the time to shop (for groceries that is), cook, eat and still get a few hours of shut eye?

Luckily you don’t need to try and be Wonder Woman or a Stepford Wife. Those days are long gone. Help is here and it’s in the form of home delivery.

That’s right, home delivery. Not pizza, Thai or Chinese food. This is your guide to Healthy Home Delivery.

Dinner Ladies

When you’re ordering pre-made food, especially if it is for the kids, there’s always that small voice in your head wondering if this the real deal – shouldn’t I/we be eating something home cooked? What’s really in this? Stress no more, The Dinner Ladies are looking after you.

Sophie and Katherine are two mums who love to cook and started their business seven years ago in a garden shed. Now serving hundreds of customers each week, their operation has moved to a commercial kitchen but the motto is still the same.

From pork and veal lasagna to beef bourguignon, this is nutritious and nourishing food. Delivered up to three times a week, to the East, Inner West and even the Northern Beaches, all you need to do is pre-order your meals the week before from a menu that changes weekly. You might also need to turn on the oven or boil some pasta, but that’s because if it isn’t fresh, the Dinner Ladies won’t serve it.

The Cook’s Grocer

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For the joy of cooking. Even if it means you’re eating at close to midnight, cooking dinner is one of life’s simple joys. Sometimes. It’s all the planning, shopping and prepping that takes the fun out of it. That’s where The Cook’s Grocer comes in. Based in Rozelle, The Cook’s Grocer is a home delivery service that gets the ingredients for pre-planned dishes to you without any fuss. Hop online, choose your recipe, order and voila, ingredients are delivered three times a week across greater Sydney. You can place your order up until 4pm the day before for delivery on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That means if midweek you decide you feel like Korean short ribs, you can have your Korean short ribs!

From a good old roasted chicken with balsamic glazed veg or Spanish chorizo soup to a grass fed Angus sirloin or prawn risotto, this is healthy, hearty food that you cook yourself. Yes, you can cook quinoa and curries – all you need to do is follow the step by step instructions.

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Fresh Mussels from The Cook’s Grocer

Servings are available for two, three or four people, so whether it’s just for one and you’ve got lunch for the next day, for the whole family or even for a dinner party, they’ve got you sorted. If you don’t want to deal with delivery, pop by The Cooks Grocer’s store in Rozelle where you can grab the ingredients and recipes.

My Food Bag

What we all wouldn’t give to have a celebrity chef in the family. My Food Bag is bringing that dream a little closer to reality with a range of home delivery ingredient boxes based around recipes developed by chef Miguel Maestre.

Free range and locally sourced ingredients appear on your doorstep each week – stocked with everything you need to recreate four to five dishes created by a nutritionist and Chef Maestre.

There’s the Gourmet Food Bag – four meals for two adults, the Classic Food Bag – five meals for four adults or a family of five, and the Family Food Bag – five meals for two adults and two to three kids.

From Cajun pork schnitzel to coq au vin pies, falafel lollipops or lamb souvlaki, the recipes are designed to be easy, tasty and healthy.

You do need to do the cooking but all the other hard work is taken care of.

Eat Fit Food

A day on Eat Fit Food's 20 Day Overhaul

A day on Eat Fit Food’s 20 Day Overhaul

Delta Goodrem, Lara Bingle, Erika Heynatz, Lindy Klim, Hugh Jackman, Ruby Rose and Tom Harley – the list of celebrity advocates for this fresh food program is long. And they’re not all stick thin. The custom-made program for Hugh Jackman’s workout regime has been turned into X-Celerator – for those of us who work out and need to bulk up.

Then there’s the 5 Day Cleanse, 10 Day Detox and 20 Day Overhaul for those of us looking to trim down and tone up. No, this is not about a juice detox or a diet – even on a 5 Day Cleanse you’ll have three meals and snacks every day, all free from dairy, wheat, gluten and refined sugars.

Eat Fit Food’s meal plans all offer nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled dishes that are designed to kick start your digestive system, boost energy and bring superfoods into your diet. All stocks, sauces, dressings and marinades are made from scratch.

A day on Eat Fit Food's 20 Day X-Celerator

A day on Eat Fit Food’s 20 Day X-Celerator

Essentially, processed is out and real food is in. Think lasagna, meatballs and schnitzels – and yes, the paleo coconut crusted chicken schnitzel is delicious. Eat Fit Food provides thousands of meals every week to Sydney and Melbourne members, with food delivered fresh every day.

If you’re just too busy but don’t want to cleanse, try the Healthy Eating 5 and 10 day plans – just select what lunch or dinner you’d like each day and voila, they’ll appear each morning in a zip locked cooler bag at your doorstep.

We’re still trying to replicate the carob and banana balls – yum!

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

Does this name sound familiar? This is the home delivery brand that’s been handing out free gift cards all over the city for the past few months. Go on, fish it out of your handbag where you stashed it and take a closer look.

The first step is to sign up to the monthly subscription service. This can be cancelled at any time, but the idea is you choose a box of fresh food and each week it’s delivered to your door.

MasterChef finalist Tom Rutledge is the founder of HelloFresh in Australia and he’s been hard at work sourcing local ingredients and developing dishes that can be recreated at home.

Carnivores are encouraged to try the Classic Box, stuffed with meat, fish, fruit, veg, while vegetarians can go with the Veggie Box and there’s also the Fruitbox stocked with fresh seasonal produce.

Once you’ve selected your box, you choose the amount of ingredients, so whether it’s filled with enough for three or five meals, and the amount of people who will be consuming it. Essentially boxes contain everything you need for three to five meals for up to six people.

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