Meatmaiden is Here to Serve

Chicken ribs

Meat. It’s never really been out of fashion, but with the Paleo vibe happening around town, and fried chicken making yet another come back, meat seems to be on everyone’s lips. Literally. So our ears pricked up when we heard the team from Meatmother had something on the smoker. The result? MeatMaiden.

The carnivorous duo from Meatmother Neil Hamblen and Nick Johnston have welcomed Melbourne chef Justin Wise, formerly of The Point Albert Park and Press Club, to the team for this new venture. This new smoky meaty haven is located in the basement of the Georges Building at 195 Little Collins Street

While there will be a range of dishes of the non meat inclined including some from the sea and smoked eggplant for the vego’s, the main affair here is the meaty goodness. Think a 12-hour F1 Tajima wagyu brisket with native Tasmanian pepper berry rub, and the 10-hour pasture fed beef short rib both from the smoker. Oh and let’s not forget the 30-day, dry aged pasture fed porterhouse from the grill. 

Lobster Mac & Cheese

If you’re in the mood to share, go for the Southern fried chicken ribs with jalapeno mayo, or the lobster mac and cheese. Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that we just said lobster mac and cheese. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But mainly the best times. Like seriously.  

The drinks list will be sharp and to the point, but offers six taps for perfect beer and meat matching. And this fiery maiden is open til 1am. So when those meaty cravings hit, she’s there to serve. 

Georges Building at 195 Little Collins Street

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