Our Guide to Staying Fit This Winter

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They say summer bodies are made in winter, right? Well, over here at Daily Addict we think all you need for a summer body is the skin you’re in, but we also love taking care of body and mind with good health and good fitness, which means looking after ourselves all year round. Staying fit and healthy can sometimes be a little more difficult in the cooler months, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite brands and venues that are keeping us inspired and in shape this season.

Any class, any time, anywhere

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Memberships to studios or gyms are not cheap. And the problem with finally committing yourself to one is that you have to stop shopping around. Otherwise you’re spending half your paycheck on casual classes at the newest studio to teach downdog. AnyClass and Sweatpass get that. Which is why they’ve both partnered with some of Sydney’s best studios from Bikram Yoga Brookvale to Bondi Boxing Gym, Harbourside Fitness to Pole Dance Academy to create an all access membership pass. For around $100 a month you can head to unlimited classes at any of their studios. Keeping your routine varied and the prices low. Check out both brands and see which studios take your fancy.



213 Apparel 


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Keeping to your routine is a lot easier when you feel good doing it. Yoga 213, Melbourne’s first hip hop yoga studio have just launched their first range of Yoga Apparel: 213 Apparel. Studio owner Sammy Veall has partnered with friend Charlotte Grigg who knows her pleats from her pinstripes from days as buyers at Sportsgirl and Burberry. The new range is comfortable, flattering, and so bright and happy, you’ll forget it’s freezing outside. Our favourite has to be the gorgeous t-shirt with To Be Happy printed in blue. A daily reminder to put your happiness first.

213 Apparel

My Food Bag 


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When it comes to winter, sometimes all you feel like is potatoes mixed with bread, and some warm hot chocolate. Seriously, can’t just be us? Comfort food is high on the agenda. But we need to remember not only do we want to keep ourselves from adding the Winter 5, we also need our nourishing food to keep us from getting nasty colds and flus. My Food Bag, which is brought together by My Food Bag’s Head Chef and Dietitian Nadia Lim (who also happened to win the second series of MasterChef NZ), alongside a test kitchen team including celebrity chef Miguel Maestre and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin, create food bags you can order online, that are delivered to your door filled with the exact ingredients you’ll need to make their tasty and healthy recipes. Think rosemary lamb steaks with lime and chilli harissa and Bulgar, or Mediterranean chicken with roasted vegetables and tomato vinaigrette. You can choose between a classic, family, or gourmet bag so it works with your needs, tastes, and budget.

My Food Bag

Get Juicy

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Photo: BlendCo

Winter is a time when your body needs to be as healthy as it can be to fight off illness and infection. Juice cleanses are said to assist the body in riding any unwanted toxins.

Cold Press juices pioneer Lucky You Cleanse has launched a new range of blends to quench your thirst and nourish your body. Consider that to include an addictive, more-ish chocolate milk – that’s good for you! LYC’s Cashiew Nut Mylk satisfies and packs a super food antioxidant punch with raw cacao and cashews. We’ve been keeping hydrated with ‘Green Coconut H2O’ and warming up and detoxifying with their ‘Red Spice’ – a beetroot juice taken to the next level with lemon for detoxifying the body, cayenne pepper for stimulating circulation, apple for sweetness and alkaline water.

Lucky You Cleanse

BlendCo, the Melbourne based health brand that previously launched a superfood topping (think coconut, cacao, and goji berries to top your smoothies with – yum!) have now released a range of juices and three cleanses. A three day, five day, or seven day cleanse to kick start your system and get it firing again. We’re already looking forward to the #6 – lucuma, almonds, cashews, chai seeds, dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, salt, and water. Hello nighttime treat. 


Studio PP

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Photo: Studio PP

Just when we thought Melbourne had done all it could do with fitness studios, Steph Prem goes and opens an all rounder offering boxing, barre, reformer pilates, yoga, personal training, and personalised programs tailed to your body. The former Australian Winter Olympian and influential fitness coach, is pocked sized, but don’t let that fool you. She’ll give you an amazing workout, as will the rest of her new team. The studio, open in South Yarra is about changing the lives and health of their clients, not just a space to work your abs. 

Studio PP

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Fitness at Your Fingertips


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We get it, sometimes leaving the house in winter is all too much. Doesn’t mean you can’t keep fit during the freezing days and colder nights. We often turn to our favourite apps to help us with our lounge room workout, otherwise we all know it’s going to end in Netflix and takeout. Nike Training Club is perfect for any level and any interest. Start with smaller less intense workouts designed to tone, then build to higher intensity activities designed to build strength. For those who like a more zen approach, Pocket Yoga gives you the advantage of downdog, without the trip to the studio.

One for the mind


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We are advocates for holistic health. Which means we need to remember to look after our mind as well. Winter can get us down with the dark days, limited Vitamin D flying around, grumpy street companions, and all round winter blues. Headspace is the perfect app for those wanting to find a little bit of stillness in their day. Essentially it teaches you how to meditate and allows you to track your progress. Even Emma Watson loves it. Hermione FTW.

Headspace App

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