Magdalena Roze’s Five Hacks for a Mindful Morning

We can all relate to the feeling of how little time there is in the day and how busy life is – the juggle is real! Amongst all the commitments of work, family (whether it’s school drop offs or home-schooling), life admin, social activities and to-do lists, self-care inevitably takes a back seat. But it’s perhaps in these most stressful times that the true value to creating space to have a moment, breathe and set intentions really lies.

One of my lockdown saviours has been prioritising a mindful morning routine and here’s some tips to help you start creating your own:

1.Wake up with an alarm clock

It sounds like an old school tip but swapping out your phone alarm for an alarm clock means your phone screen filled with notifications isn’t the first thing that you look at when you wake up in the morning. I find if your phone is the first thing you see, it’s hard not to get bogged down in life admin, social media, and messages. Making my mornings a strictly phone-free zone is also a part of starting my day with more calm and positivity. Having said this, at the moment, the kids are our alarm clock as they usually hop into bed with us any time from 5 AM onwards!

2. Begin your day with fresh air 

Rain or shine, getting fresh air in the morning is one of my daily essentials. Getting out into the elements or jogging down to the beach with the kids helps me kickstart a great mood and energy for the day. If you can, get up early for a sunrise walk before the mayhem of the day begins.

3. Turn your cup of tea into five minutes of mindfulness

Each morning, whether it’s at home or I’ve managed to escape down to the beach, I begin my day with a cup of Nerada herbal tea and a few minutes of quiet time – I’ve been doing this for years and I’m proud to have recently partnered with the brand as I love their tea so much!

During lockdown, I’ve been using the time it takes to savour my morning cup of tea to do five minutes of mindfulness and daily preparation. I go somewhere quiet, take my tea and watch the world wake up. Sometimes that includes writing in my journal, setting intentions for the day, or just having a moment of peace away from the kids. Nerada’s organic Echinacea and Lemon is my current favourite recommendation, I have a cup before I exercise or do anything.

4. Set a positive intention for the day

…or just jot down three things you’re grateful for to set an uplifting tone for the day. If I have time, I’ll write in my journal. I generally split this out into three sections:

  • What are your intentions for the day? What kind of energy do you want to tackle the day with and what skills do you need to do that
  • Goal setting: Is there a big task you want to accomplish or a habit you want to break? Choose one goal to try and focus on each day for personal development.
  • To-do list: This is the nitty-gritty, stuff to get done, busywork you need to accomplish for the day.

5. Make it a habit

To really feel the benefits, make sure you stay consistent. After a month or so of mindful mornings, you’ll really start to see the benefits seep into your day.

Making this routine a ritual will help you be more present, and in turn, calmer and happier. And the wonderful thing about a positive morning routine with a cuppa, is that it doesn’t take time, it gives time.

About the author

Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney, and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.


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