The Chai Walli is Brewing


Chai Tea has been a staple to the Sydney and Melbourne scene for a while now. But cafes have been getting away with sticking a ‘chai’ tea bag in hot water, adding some honey, and selling it as the real deal. Uppma the Chai Walli (aka Tea Lady) is bringing authentic Indian chai tea to us. Chai Walli, or Chai Walla in India is the woman, or man who sells the tea. Like our coffee culture here in Australia, the streets of India are lined with Wallas and Wallis selling their chai.


Uppma, the lawyer by day, chai whisperer by night, moved here from India when she was one. Her grandfather was an ayurvedic specialist in India and used to make his own remedial chai specifically for the people of his village in Punjab. His chai was known to cure anything from indigestion to sore throats. The perfect natural treatment. Uppma has always loved her tea and when her grandfather stopped making it thought that the world, or most specifically us here in Australia needed to taste something just as good. For her it goes past the flavour. Chai is about the rituals, the process of making the tea, and the way it brings communities together.


The tea that Uppma is creating is in perfect balance for the body, mind, and spirit. Filled with a serious range of spices including mace, fennel seeds, rose, and cinnamon, it’s balanced perfectly to ensure no one spice stands out. It’s a blend that offers balance for all constitutions and medical benefits for a range of illnesses. Plus it tastes really really good.

Make sure you brew it properly, on the stove with milk. Putting hot water on top of the mix just won’t do. 

Check the Chai Walli Facebook for full stockists, or purchase online. 

Chai Walli

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