Mr Men Introduces House of Holland’s Mr Quiffy


Henry Holland is as known for his clique of London cool girls as he is for his irreverent design aesthetic and his signature quiff. But now he’s bringing those last two things to a new coterie of kooky characters – the fictional characters of Mr Men.

The Roger Hargreaves children’s books you grew up with have now recruited a newbie into their gang – Mr Quiffy, natch – and to celebrate House of Holland has designed a hyper playful capsule collection for your real life wardrobe. It also marks Henry’s plunge into childrenswear, with adorable shrunken versions of the ladies’ looks for your mini me’s. 

While Henry was in town to fête the exclusive launch with Grace ( we quizzed him on the new collection, the story behind his signature look, and what he thinks of our own sartorial flair. 

5 Minutes With Henry Holland


Meet Mr Quiffy

Did you have the Mr Men books as a kid? Who was your favorite character before Mr Quiffy was born? 

Yes, I grew up with the books as a child. I think my favourite was always Mr. Sneeze – I liked his hair. They all have good silhouettes but I think Mr. Sneeze is a great one.

How long have you been wearing your signature quiff? I can’t imagine you ever had a bowl cut or rat’s tail.

Ha, I have had BOTH a bowl cut and a rat’s tail in the past – in my defence all before I was old enough to object. I’ve had my hair like this since I was a teenager and I don’t see myself changing it any time soon!


House of Holland X Mr Men

Why did you decide to make the matching women’s and kids’ collections?

When the Mr Men opportunity came about it felt like the right project to introduce some childrenswear. I think the great thing about Mr Men and Little Miss is that they appeal to all ages. From adults who have a nostalgic love for them to children who are just discovering them so it made sense for this collection to be available to everyone.

What is your personal favourite piece in the Mr Men collection?

 I love the MA-1 flight jacket. I think it’s cool and so wearable for both adults and kids.

What’s the biggest difference between street style here and street style in London?

 I think we see a lot more colour and print in London than here in Oz – you guys like a very muted palette.

What else are you looking forward to checking out while you’re in Australia?  

I love it here – the weather, the beach, the outdoor lifestyle. I love the food too! I’m hoping to eat as much as I can stomach and get in some surfing!

House of Holland X Mr Men
Available exclusively at Grace in-store and online
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Sneak peek at the House Of Holland Mr Men Collection

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