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Some days you just want to be wrapped in a blanket and soothed from the inside out, taking a couple of moments of solace to simply breathe. For those moments we’ve found the perfect accompaniment, or perhaps even the reason to seek the quiet solitude in Organic Merchant teas. These award winning teas are going to transport you from your lounge to a much better place. 

There is something romantically ritualistic about tea. There’s a language and a mystical process to tea that must be practised to make a great cuppa. You may like black or green teas or tisanes or you may be a mug infuser or a teapot person, either way Organic Merchant has a comprehensive range of teas to whet your whistle.  

Organic Merchant teas are locally produced (Sydney) by a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist  (all one person),  who brings together 100% certified organic produce and hand-blends them to create teas that soothe the body and the mind. 

Loose leaf 100% ACO certified organic ingredients

The company was created by Chalimah Jeanne who, after many years of formulating tea blends for critically ill patients, realised she could develop the perfect balance of great taste and high functionality. Don’t just take our word for it of course, Organic Merchant has won Gold for Best Herbal Tea and Best Non-Traditional Tea at the Golden Leaf Awards in 2018 and 2019.

The entire range has been crafted to deliver the best nutrient value with maximum effect using traditional herbal medicine.  Each blend combines anywhere from three to fifteen different ingredients, dispensing a variety of healing properties. Each tea is beautifully packaged in solid glass jars, sachet boxes, or even biodegradable sample bags – perfect for when you want to try a whole new flavour. 

We’ve fallen in love with the chai tea, the meditation tea, peaceful tea, French earl grey and the restful tea. We received a  sample box packed with goodies and the most stylish tea infuser we have ever seen – elevating the whole experience to a new level. Upon opening each bag of tea you’ll notice the scent first, incredibly aromatic and an intense promise of taste. The teas are subtle yet deep, rich and smooth.There’s no unpleasant lingering or clinging to the palette – they are fresh, clean and invigorating.  

The sample tea box with an high-style infuser

There is also a wonderfully delicious innovation in the form of cacao based dusts that are organic, gluten, dairy and sugar free and are vegan friendly. These cacao dusts can be used hot, or cold, put in smoothies or cakes. Between the sex dust (bow chicka wow wow – although it’s actually for reproductive and hormone health), the spirit dust and the shine dust  you have all the good dust to create a perfectly delicious and intensely healthy treat.

Organic Merchant also offers a free tea consultation whereby you submit any concerns or ailments to the site and about a week later you’ll receive a tea recommendation that will help you determine the best type of tea for you. All ingredients are clearly labelled so you can carefully consider the flavour balance they are 100% ACO certified Organic and sourced from respected and reputable organic growers in addition to wildcrafted indigenous plants from certified suppliers who can ensure the continued survival and safety of native species. 

These teas are good for your whole body, mind and soul. Bring some comfort back into your day with Organic Merchant teas.

Organic Merchant Tea

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