Goodbye Supermarket, HelloFresh

The most difficult part about cooking isn’t the actual cooking. It’s spending a Monday night navigating supermarket aisles, accepting that you’ll end up tossing half the ingredients anyway, and finding a recipe that doesn’t contain oil because you used it up on the previous morning’s pancakes.

Sound familiar? Well step away from the frozen lasagne — there’s someone who feels your pain.

Spend Monday night in your comfy pants while Hello Fresh does the hard part for you. They’ll scour the supermarket for a week’s worth of highest quality produce (no sneaky Mars Bars at the checkout line), and deliver it to your door along with three or five easy-as-pie recipes. Though instead of pie it’s pistachio-crusted salmon, lemongrass beef or falafel pitas with smoky eggplant.

Recipes don’t require you to have fancy equipment or flashy skills, just an appreciation for nourishing fare and a willingness to remove Dominos from your speed dial.

Mondays just got a whole lot fresher.

T: 02 8199 7222
From $64 for three meals or $99 for five meals (inner suburbs)
Deliveries are Monday 5 – 8pm

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