Gelato Messina Are Dabbling in Dessert Bars Now


You know those choose your own adventure books? Well this is like that, but with less reading and more delicious ice cream flavours. The team at Gelato Messina are on to yet another gold mine. Not only do they have the most mouthwatering and incredibly creative flavours of gelato in town, they are constantly thinking outside the ice cream tub.

Their latest venture has us giddy like kids in a candy store. The Gelato Messina Dessert Bar is all your dreams come true in one edible store; it’s a choose your own adventure sundae bar.


Trailer Trash Brunch – Crepe lined cup filled with Fanta sorbet & burnt vanilla gelato swirl, Cointreau set custard, mandarin tuile & mandarin gel

Always thought you could give the Messina flavour masters a run for their money? Well here’s your chance. You can construct your own sundae to your hearts content. Don’t hold back – this is your chance to find out once and for all if Fanta sorbet tastes just as good as you imagined when drizzled with Redskin custard and topped with smoked butter popcorn.

The way it works:

Step 1) Cup, cone or carb? You choose.
Step 2) Pick your soft serve. This month the choices are burnt vanilla or Fanta sorbet.
Step 3) Go nuts with the toppings and add-ons. There’s foams, gels, fudges and crunchy things. And fairy floss. Because you only live once.

If picking from the gelato menu at your local Messina is more than enough decision-making for you, then that’s an option too. Their suggestion board features some doozies, like Trailer Trash Brunch (crepe lined cup filled with Fanta sorbet & burnt vanilla gelato swirl, Cointreau set custard, mandarin tuile & mandarin gel) and Honey I Burnt The Kids, which is just simply burnt vanilla gelato, burnt honey mousse, smoked butter popcorn and smoked chocolate fudge, of course.

Keeping you on your toes as the Messina flavour makers always are, the menu will change seasonally so you’ll never get bored.


Honey, I Burnt The Kids – Burnt vanilla gelato, burnt honey mousse, smoked butter popcorn, smoked chocolate fudge served in a cup

Messina Dessert Bar
243 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Dessert Bar:
Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 11pm
Friday: 5pm to 11.30pm
Saturday: 5pm to 11.30pm
Sunday: 5pm to 11pm

Cake shop:
Monday to Thursday: from 12pm to 11pm
Friday: 12pm to 11.30pm
Saturday: 12pm to 11.30pm
Sunday: 12pm to 11pm


Carni Candi – Waffle cone filled with Fanta sorbet, Redskin custard, strawberries & cream jellies then dipped in chocolate & topped with fairy floss

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