Delicious Doughnuts Are Just a Shortstop Away


A new doughnut café that knows a thing or two about round treats has opened on Sutherland Street in the city. Everybody remain calm.

We’re pretty serious about our treats, but we have to give it to Anthony Ivey and Sinye Ooi, owners of Shortstop Coffee & Donuts; they might be ever more serious. Ivey took to the USA for research, spending a short but intense 16 days eating every doughnut in sight. He ate his way around six cities, and we don’t even want to know what his doctor thought of the trip. You can see how it all went down on their Instagram.


The result? Shortstop. A café boasting a menu of doughnuts made fresh on-site throughout the day, using the highest quality, natural ingredients. There are four styles. A yeast-raised ring doughnut, including the cinnamon, cardamom, and sugar, a yeast-raised filled doughnut, including the bourbon crème brûlée, a cake doughnut including the banana and chocolate hazelnut, and a French cruller, which is choux pastry shaped into circle and fried, topped with honey and sea salt. Good heavens.

The doughnut already with a cult following? The Earl Grey-flavoured cake doughnut, filled with lemon-myrtle gel and topped with rose petal and rose water icing.


The coffee is on the simple side. Espresso and filter, black or white, that’s it folks. But they will be serving up organic milk.

12 Sutherland Street, Melbourne 3000
(03) 9642 0807

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