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Designer Handbags for hire
It’s not a puppy in the window that has caught your attention. It’s the new Louis Vuitton, calling out to you from behind the glass, speaking of adventure, Casa Blanca-style romance and royal heritage.

You emerge from the fantasy and slink away, knowing that rent is more important than a smoking hot handbag (even if you would consider living in the Louis if you could shrink).

Instead, hire a little piece of your dream life using Style4Hire, Australia’s newest designer handbag site.

You won’t need to rob the Bank of England to sport a Chanel, Chloe, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana with the insouciance of a pro. Starting from as little as $21 for a week, you can test drive all the latest ‘it’ bags without the night sweats and guilt that accompany an outright purchase. 

Still feeling bad? Don’t. 10% of the hire fee is donated to charity.

T: 1300 889 071

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