Deliver me from evil

Organic food and wine delivered to your door
Sometimes being good is just plain inconvenient. You plan to rustle up a fresh, organic salad and sip on a glass of biodynamic wine this evening but come 7pm, the siren song of takeaway drowns out your inner Gwyneth and before long, you’re wolfing down a pad thai and necking Diet Coke. Fail, fail, fail.

But what if the magical courier fairies showed up during the day and made it impossible for you to falter? Imagine, then, that you get home at 6.30pm and waiting for you on your doorstep is a box of certified organic seasonal fruit, vegies and dry goods such as coffee, nuts and pasta. Suddenly, eating a healthy dinner became non-negotiable.

Never one to be too well-behaved, you are tickled to discover that your mixed dozen has just shown up from an award winning organic vineyard such as Krinklewood or Thistle Hill. 

So now you’re set – no excuses – and all you had to do was order online.

Being virtuous just became a whole lot easier.

Doorstep Organics

Thistle Hill 


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