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Oh sweet smartphones, without you we wouldn’t be able to wake up on time, check our emails on the go, spy on our friends or stay amused while commuting to work. And that’s just the basics of what’s at our fingertips. We could be booking last minute luxe hotels, getting a spray tan in no time at all or improving our happiness, too. These are the new apps that do just that.

The Be Spontaneous App

You know that feeling when you have a holiday coming up and every hard day in the office seems that little bit more bearable? Well this app will give you that feeling, without the long lead time. Rather than counting down the weeks until you jet off to a far far away destination, you can count down the hours. The HotelTonight app lets you book a luxe hotel with a very enticing last minute price tag. For that very night. They want to fill the room, you want to treat yourself for the night, it’s that simple. You can even book through your Apple watch.

Download HotelTonight App

The Be Beautiful When Time Poor App

No woman should ever suffer through unsightly roots and re-growth because she doesn’t have time to get to the hairdresser. No woman should… but we all do. The only solutions are to stop colouring our hair (yeah right!) or to have the hairdresser come to you. We’ll take Option B thanks. The Dial A Style app lets you book a mobile hair and beauty service for anything from hair, makeup, massage, tanning and even head lice treatment (any mother out there will know what a godsend that would be!) and once locked in, that beauty pro will show up on your doorstep at the booked time and get to work making you all beautiful and such. It can even be super last minute –two hours notice is completely acceptable. Don’t worry, the prices are just as good as in a salon (if not better) and after hour house calls come at no extra cost.

Download Dial A Style App

The Be Happier App

We could all do with a little more positivity and good vibes in our life, right? Well if you’re looking to make a change for the better in your life then guess what, there’s an app for that. It’s called Realifex and in a totally non-creepy way it goes inside your mind to read your thoughts and help you find a way to be happier. The way it works is Realifex, which stands for Real Life Experience, lets you record your life experiences as they occur and encourages you to note down how the experience impacted you and how it made you feel. Seems simple, but by doing so the app can help increase your self-awareness and guide you in making more educated choices based on your goals. You can track the trends in your emotions, map out how you feel from day to day to identify any patterns. You can even collect contextual data like heart rate, weather, steps, calories and sleep. It’s like a personal journal that has the smarts to translate what you’re saying and provide you with guidance on how you can make improvements in your daily life so that you’re happier and healthier as a whole. Not bad for $1.50 a month.

Download Realifex App

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