Stylish hound makes a Dog’s life a luxe one

Dressed for dinner

Does a city dog live a dog’s life? If it’s a Stylish Hound customer then absolutely not. Sooo much has changed, outdoor kennels have been replaced by plush in-door donut mats, treats are organic and ownership has shifted to ‘adoption’ as we take on the role of lifetime companion. If you are nodding, you are likely to have your fur baby on you or near you!

Founded by hound loving humans Karen & Edward, both with an eye for design, their point-of-difference ‘enrichment’ which has created shared two-legged and four-legged experiences.

Enrichment range

The enrichment range takes the ordinary to extraordinary. Hercules chew toys promote a human-canine diet. Forget stuffing with pet store treats, the team have tested some recipes you literally can eat with your pooch. This is seriously a good idea, we love these guys as much as we love food, you wouldn’t feed your best friend cardboard and err, and whatever else is in that dry kibble?! The strawberries and cream or banana split are a shared brekky.

Snuffle mat

If work forces you to leave the best office companions you’ve ever had at home, I know right, heartbreaking some days, you’ll feel ok about it knowing you are setting them up with some next level entertainment.  The snuffle mat has been designed to stimulate a dog’s prize possession, their nose! A dog’s natural sniffing talents will be out to the test as they rummage for treats nestled into this super soft and squishy snuffle mat pad. Leave your pup-cam on (yes, we’ve all done it) and see how nuts they go over it.

Unless you share a house with a living saint, unconditional love is rare, except in a dog. We love them like family, so treat them like it too.

Treat them at Stylish Hound

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