Spring back into action with these beauties

Spring into action

With hayfever some days and the heater on in others – it’s clear spring is in the process of springing. Time to dust yourself off and get ready for the best season of the year with our fine collection of self-care and beauty essentials. Life will be better in Spring (and hopefully we can enjoy the spoils in our favourite restaurants and bars).

Limited-edition English Pear & Freesia Collection from Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London a classic favourite that brings the scent of spring inspired by orchards filled with golden sunshine. Every bottle is packed with the scent of pears wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, amber, patchouli and woods. A classic Jo Malone London scent brings together elegance and freshness, perfect for a day in the sunshine and a tall glass of your favourite beverage, surrounded by friends.

Adorn yourself with the scent of Spring!

RRP $106 available at Myer, David Jones and JoMolone.com.au 

Rodan and Fields Total RF Serum

The serum to end all serums. From our favourite dermatologist brand Rodan + Fields has developed a game changing serum that targets all signs of ageing and delivers stronger, healthier, more resilient looking skin. 

Using a proprietary RF TriEnergy Complex, this serum brings together natural and scientific ingredients to improve skin’s ability to retain moisture and increase visible plump. RF TriEnergy Complex includes Sandalwood, for reduction of fine lines, Indian Kino Tree Extract for even tone and Omega 6 Fatty Acids for supple and plump skin. Simply use morning and night after cleansing and toning and you will see visible results almost immediately – with improvements again after a few days and then also months later. The serum seems to build in its potency over time, delivering supple skin.

Rodan + Fields are one of our must have favourite brands simply because the founders (Rodan and Fields) listened to what their patients were most concerned about and they designed a range of products that deliver on their promises. This serum is the perfect product, and the packaging is clearly from the future picture perfect you.

Comprehensive in totality.

$239 AUD from Rodan+Fields

The magic of acne-preventing silver technology pillows now available for vegans. 

Silvi have developed a Bamboo lyocell pillowcase and packed it full of the same anti-acne silver technology that’s in the amazing silk pillowcase. Good for the environment: bamboo uses 98% less water during the production process than cotton or silk, plus no chemicals or animals are used either. It’s a world first for a plant-based silk (and it does feel like silk) pillowcase treated with natural silver, clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria. The same Silvi pillowcase you already fell in love with, now vegan and more sustainable. 

On another, yet related, note you may have seen videos on social showing the bacteria on a normal, non-silvi pillow, and then the bacteria (or lack thereof) on a Silvi pillow. The Silvi silk and Silvi bamboo silk pillowcases repel bacteria so your face is spared a nightly battle with the previous weeks’ worth of gunk its collected from your face. NICE. Do your face a favour.

Do your face a favour

$69 from Silvi

Hemp intensely moisturises

Burt’s Bees products are the best. Affordable AND luxurious. The innovation from the team who are thirsty to keep our skin moisturised and youthful is endless and the latest range includes Hemp. Unlikely to get you high, even if you really tried, the range including the restorative and nourishing Burt’s Bees Hemp Hand Cream uses the natural powers of Hemp Seed Oil to hydrate dry skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother than before. Rich in Omega 3 and 6 as well as Vitamin E, the cream locks in moisture for long-lasting comfort – it’s dense and thick – qualities that are desirable in a hand cream (not in a partner of course). With a rich and luxurious texture, you’ll experience a non-greasy protective blanket over your skin. It’s heavenly hemp. Perfect for hands that are in and out of water or just dry from overuse, to solve slather your hands in Burt’s Bees Hemp Hand Cream.

Deeply nourishing and not illicit in any way

$19.95 add to your beauty bargains from Big W

Treat your hair with an Eksperience 

If you’ve been in lock-down and your locks are in need of some tender loving care it’s time to get a mask on (a hair mask that is). The Exsperience Hydro Nutritive hair mask is creamy and luscious. Made by Revlon, the mask is nourishing, conditioning and shine inducing and made from natural ingredients.

This mask has active ingredients of marine origin and plant origin combined to achieve deep hydration and nutrition with a sensory experience worthy of a SPA. Rich and creamy, gently scented, this mask hydrates and revitalises hair. Perfect for damaged, weakened, dry or even neglected hair. Suitable for frequent use.

Mask for face, mask for hair – seems fair

$39.95 from Perfume Club AU

Get groomed, man 

Do the men in your life yearn to be groomed (even against their will)? 

The Groomed Man Co may be the range you’ve been looking for. What started as an Australian made beard oil company is now a range of the most dignified men’s grooming and skincare products for beard, face, body and hair. Made from natural ingredients, these are top end men’s products specially formulated for a body that may need some more intense TLC.

From the hair to the skin, The Groomed Man Co is pretty keen to ensure men are well groomed. Try the full body kit with a dirt-busting Face Fuel Cleaners, and Citrus Blast Body Wash, Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser and non-greasy and non-stick Citrus Blast Body Moisturiser. Essential face care products for a man who wants to stay in top notch condition.

Get groomed head to toe.

$179 from The Groomed Man

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