If you’ve ever gone to an upmarket café accompanied by someone under the age of six, you’ve probably been given at least one backwards scowl or cold sideways glare from a fellow diner.

Needless to say it can be difficult to enjoy a latte when you’re simultaneously trying to stave off pram issues, spilt drinks and dreaded toddler tantrums, but you’re not alone in your plight — no one knows this like the proud parents behind CheekyChinos.

Foregoing the grubby ball pits in favour of a state-of-the-art developmental play area, owners Pam and David Bucca have created an oasis for parents and children alike.

$10 will buy you 30 minutes of mental repose to enjoy your coffee, your conversation or your European-inspired lunch. And every second of it is completely guilt-free, because the little ones can keep an eye on you from behind the see-through fence.

Though if your youngster has a cultivated a taste for something more sophisticated than a plastic slide, check out the gorgeous range of ‘Chino Art’ babychinos made using fresh Jonesy’s Milk.

Guilt-free never tasted so good. 

145 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
T: 03 9077 6498
Open 9am – 4pm Tuesday – Friday; 8am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday

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