A DIY experiment equivalent to assembling Ikea furniture without the instruction manual? No thanks. But not so for these brave bar boys …

Give them a warehouse space, a piece of bridge, an iron staircase from Europe, fork lift pallets and lamps from a bomb making factory and voila! A new small bar is born, complete with a laneway picket fenced garden.

So when is a small bar ‘big’?  It takes more than size to give a place stature. Ben Taouss (aka mixologist God from Pocket Bar and European venues) has recruited a formidable team who know their homemade kaffir lime syrup from their lemons. Expect all the right moves and top notch service (looking at you Jon Carr). Order a ‘Last Kiss from Russia’ and contently proceed to passion fruit and ginger cocktail heaven.

Cheffy genius cracks out share platters of signature sticky short ribs, crispy school prawns, pork belly sliders and devil-icious hotdogs. “We can’t say who, but he’s known as the Stig”. Seems it’s not only Top Gear who has their secret weapon.

Assembly has pulled together a team which corner like it’s on rails and will have you spinning off them with pure glee.

Entry via 488 Kent Street, Sydney 2000
T: 02 9283 8808
Hours Mon-Sat 12pm–12am                        

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