Make it a Cointreau Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, we know it as May 5th, is a holiday in Mexican culture honouring the military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. It’s celebrated with, you guessed it, margaritas baby!

You may not know that the original Margarita, created by Dallas socialite Margarita Sames was a mix of her two favourite spirits, Cointreau and tequila in 1948 in Acapulco. Margs have became Australia’s lock-down go-to and if during this time you’ve been a standard ‘Tommy’s’ drinker, why not amp it up and mix in the premium triple sec liqueur Cointreau in your next margarita. Check out these recipes this Thursday to fiesta with our Mexican hombres.

The original Margarita:
30ml Cointreau  
30ml Blanco Tequila 
30ml Fresh Lime Juice 

Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 4 ice cubes and give it a hard vigorous shake for 60 seconds. Pour into a salt rimed glass. 

Classic Guac 
1 ripe avocado stone removed, diced 
20ml fresh lime juice, plus extra to serve 
1/4 small red onion, finely chopped 
1 ripe tomato, finely chopped 
1 TBS coriander finely chopped 
1 small fresh red chilli, finely chopped

Method: Place avocado and lime juice in a bowl and roughly mash. Add onion, tomato, chili, coriander and season to taste. Serve with toasted tortillas.

These two are the ultimate start to a Mexican night in and with Cointreau it’s an even more authentic. Salud!

About the author

BIO: Meg lives, breathes and invests in leading edge tech and food innovation. Curious about what makes things work and is in pursuit of experiencing the unending trends and invention in cuisines. There’s virtually nothing she won’t eat, drink or some combination that she isn’t open to. With the benefit of having lived abroad Meg has a high bar for authenticity and delights in running a lot of taste tests.


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