IPPUDO Soul Food

In a land far, far away (Japan) there lived a very clever chap (Shigemi Kawahara) who owned many castles (top end restaurants) and decided to serve his people better by cooking soul food (Ramen). They loved it so much that he has now been crowned King (Ramen Hall of Fame and multi-TV Champion chef) and so, a legend of 65 restaurants in Japan and IPPUDO world domination was born.

Head up to the 5th floor dining of Westfield Sydney and expect to be wow’d (in a modest Japanese way). Service is delightful, reverent and innocent (a rare find these days in Sydney). There are not many times in life you’re asked this question; “Do you like it hardest? (Harigane), harder? (Barikata), hard? (Kata), normal? (Futsu) or soft? (Yawa)” and we’re not talkin massage, but noodles.

Ippudo’s signature religious order of Shiromauru Motoaji Tonkotsu is divine. The broth is a secret silky blend of miso paste dancing with thin noodles, pork belly, black mushroom, shallots and garlic oil but don’t stop there, the ramen variations are endless.

Insist on ordering the pork buns, it’s a mini life-altering experience (there’s even some conjecture it’s a contender to topple David Chang from his pork bun crown). Hakata small style gyoza’s are paper thin but bursting with flavour licked with caramelised bottoms.

So prepare for a spiritual taste bud experience, and choose your dining partner carefully; are they a biter? (bite noodles halfway), twirler? (Noodles are not spaghetti), shoveller? (high risk takers of boiling noodles), flipper (fast sucking action means you get showered with broth) or dropper (you get covered in more broth as the slippery suckers fall back to earth at alarming speed). 

If ramen is a religion, a new cult is born in Sydney. “Smile” and say “Arigatou” this is a journey for everyone.

Level 5  Westfield Sydney, Cnr Pitt Street Mall & Market Street Sydney 2000
Help on Pronunciation: IPPUDO Ipp-i-daw
Hours: 11am- 11pm daily

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