Captain Melville

Now meet the other Captain Melville – at home within the walls of what is Melbourne’s oldest public house, the city’s new home for casual dining and drinking.

Shayne McCallum has taken the lead here as Head Chef and takes his inspiration from the life and times of Captain Melville himself – then adds a contemporary touch. Think the hearty stews of the goldrush era, braised rabbit pie with grilled asparagus and native pepper jus.

Don’t forget the sauerkraut. Back in the day of long sea voyages to this wide brown land, its pickly goodness gave them the sustenance they needed to maintain the navigation. Bet they didn’t enjoy it as a minibratwurst with German mustard on the side. Too bad for them.

So, here’s to Captain Melville and a summer of delicious celebration. New venue. New menu. New Year (soon).

Other soon-to-be classics on a very Australian menu? Try the Wurrock Merino, black pepper and fennel sausage. Or the Bannockburn free-range chicken Parmigiana. Or slow-cooked lamb in brik pastry with smoked yoghurt.

Braised rabbit pie is another old-school classic with the contemporary twist of today’s presentation – all in the cool surrounds of brand new space.

Captain Melville
34 Franklin Street, Melbourne 3000

T: 03 9663 6855

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