Gelato Messina Now Has an International Soup Kitchen

Gelato messina

Just when you thought Gelato Messina couldn’t possibly come up with another kickass idea, they go ahead and take inspiration from Seinfeld’s notorious Soup Nazi and bring their own Soup Kitchen to Melbournetown.

Setting up (temporary) shop at The Royal Croquet Club’s pop-up event in Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr from now until Sunday February 1, you can find Gelato Messina’s International Soup Kitchen amongst the other food, drink, entertainment, and of course the croquet that will be going on. But enough about croquet, let’s get to the cool stuff (pun intended). 

Soup in summer… you’re probably thinking we’re crazy for praising Messina for their genius. Oh how quickly you judge a book by its cover. It’s not hot liquids you’ll find in this soup kitchen but rather four seriously detailed gelato sundaes inspired by corners of the world. 


The Black Forest Bisque is packed with chocolate fondant gelato, cherry jam, kirsch cream, and kirsch soaked sponge. For a more Asian delight the Faux Pho is a mix of salted coconut sorbet, kaffir lime marshmallow, lychee coconut cream, and chilli cashew crunch. The Zuppa Duppa is all about the nuts with a hazelnut gelato, wild strawberry preserve, pistachio crunch, and Amaretti biscotti, while the American Chow Down offers an irresistible combination of peanut gelato, Oreo custard, cream cheese mousse, and pretzel crunch into the one cup. Keeping in the soup kitchen theme each sundae will be housed in a little soup can. So you can take it home. To do with what you will. For $9 we’re thinking we want one of each? Too much? 


If gelato isn’t your favourite, there will be other edibles from the likes of Miss Chu, Meatmother, DOC, and Mr. Claws at The Royal Croquet Club pop-up. Plus a fully stocked bar featuring Pimms, to go with those games of croquet. There will also be music from The Kite String Tangle, Norman Jay MBE, Miami Horror DJs, and Japanese Wallpaper.

If you’re a sucker for the tennis, they’ll play it on the big screens as well, just so you don’t miss out. #FOMO

We’ll see you under the hanging lights.


Gelato Messina Soup Kitchen
Royal Croquet Club Pop-up

Birrarung Marr, Batman Ave 3000
Jan 16 – Feb 1



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