Move Over Mamak, Your Little Sister Hawker is Here

Hawker Crowds are so 2014. Ok ok, we’d still line up at Mamak no matter the wait time because the food is quite frankly worth the wait.

But this is 2015 – our prayers have been answered. Hawker is the brand new outlet from the genius team at Mamak.

As the name suggests, this unassuming café on Sussex Street is designed to evoke the hawker-style fare. The focus is still on fast and fresh – there are woks in the window front and they are non-stop sizzling. The stir fried noodles will keep the kitchen busy but it’s some of the more speciality dishes that have locals lining up.

Cool and casual inside Hawker

Cool and casual inside Hawker

The Ikan Bakar (grilled stingray) and Apam Balik (a “pancake” stuffed with peanuts, butter and cream corn) are two popular Chinese Malaysian dishes that already have the foodies talking. Give them a try if you’re feeling adventurous. Good old spring rolls, laksa curries, fish soup and fried bread are there too if you just need a bit of comfort food.

Let’s go back a step to the fried bread. Anywhere that has a fried bread menu is worth a look in. Start off with Yau Char Kwai – Chinese fried bread sticks – before moving on to Ham Chim Peng – a fried and spiced sweetened bun. It’s like carb on carbs but better.

As we’re sure you’ve gathered, this is not the spot for the sugar free, Paleo or gluten free among us. This is fast, flavoursome and fresh Malaysian fare. 

Head inside Hawker

Head inside Hawker

Shop G.02, 345B-353 Sussex Street, Sydney 
(02) 9264 9315

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Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney, and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.


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