Sweat your cares away with Rimba Sweat Neutral Bay.

Rimba Sweat Neutral Bay

Enter the soothing oasis of Rimba Sweat and escape Sydney for one hour and completely change your physical and mental wellbeing.

Rimba Sweat Neutral Bay is designed with tranquillity in mind, from the curtains gently moving in the breeze, to the cooling tiles to the dulcet tones of those who work there. Just walking through the doors you feel your body start to relax.

Having never had an infared sauna before and only recently becoming a fan of regular saunas we weren’t sure what to expect. Without word of a lie, we felt amazing. Refreshed, revitalised, relaxed – and generally just soothed. We had two people in the sauna and the social experience of catching up with a friend while doing something healthy was also mood boosting.

Let’s explain the whole infared sauna thing.

Aside from being the most zen of spaces, Rimba Sweat in Neutral Bay has designed private suites – so no sharing with strangers awkwardly looking at their feet for an hour. There are instead private Zen Suites to lie down during your sauna for up to two people or you can choose the Temple Suites that house from one to  three people.

Travel to another place with personal sauna spaces.

Each suite is fitted with a state-of-the-art cedarwood infared sauna, with in room showers and complementary organic body wash. Each booking is for 50 mins of medical grade chromotherapy lighting. Plus there’s a TV, with speakers in the sauna so you can watch your favourite show, listen to a podcast or just chill to music.

The attention to detail is pure perfection and the catering to the customer experience second to none – you really feel like you’re at a day spa in another country.

We were also intrigued, what’s the difference between a regular sauna and an infared sauna? Well as you know saunas date back to ancient Roman times and the benefits are widely known. An infared sauna however, has some additional unique benefits.

An infrared sauna uses infrared heat waves, transmitted by carbon heaters, to warm the sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, the air in the structure is not heated – only the structure itself. The specific range of heat waves emitted by the carbon heaters is completely safe for human physiology.

An infrared sauna uses the warm rays from the carbon heaters to reach deep within the body, and heat you up from the inside out (vs outside in, like a traditional sauna). They function at much lower temperatures than traditional saunas, which is likely to be more comfortable for most people, but because of their ability to reach the inner organs, they cause a more intense sweat. This ensures that the healing restorative advantages are extended throughout your body.

Sitting in a sauna causes the body to reach higher temperatures, which causes the heart to beat faster, and the metabolism to speed up. The advantages of a faster metabolism include quicker release of toxins and an increased calorie burn. This means that not only will using the sauna help you to detoxify your body, which can help you lose weight when combined with an improved lifestyle, but it will also help you to burn more fat while you relax. 

Plus it’s fast detoxification.

An oasis for relaxation and detoxification

We don’t typically promise the world with health and wellbeing products. Balanced diet, exercise and a solid night’s sleep are important – but we left Rimba Sweat feeling beyond amazing. In fact as we drove away the impacts were more keenly felt. To be honest, we’ve become sauna addicts and pretty sure you will be too!

Prices start at $55 with an introductory offer of three sessions for $99.

Plus hot off the press there is a brand new, third location for Rimba Sweat, Cronulla, will be opening early March – stay tuned!

Rimba Sweat Neutral Bay
11 Grosvenor Ln, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Saturday 8 am–1 pm
Sunday 8 am–8 pm
Monday 1–9 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 9 am–9 pm
Wednesday & Friday 6 am–9 pm

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