SoCal launches Taco & Tequila Fiesta

Let’s face it who hasn’t had wild night on tequila? Mexicans know how to party. So do Americans. When you combine the Mexican national day of celebration, Cinco De Mayo with a bit of Southern California its the best of both worlds; sophisticated, healthy and fun-times charged. Get ready for SoCal’s Taco & Tequila Fiesta.

For those not familiar with SoCal lets start by saying you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or an unassuming doorway on a high street. Climb the concrete stairs decorated with pastel tiles into a riot of a frat house!

Garden area

It’s an assault on the senses, the words ‘BAR’ are illuminated in neon lights. We suspect that this is only essential for navigation after your 10th cocktail. American flags, cycles suspended from the industrial ceiling and a palm tree jungle garden out the back dotted with high chairs, tropical cushions and a mighty fine ‘YODER’ smoker which is a sign of good food to come needing no neon. In the main room the T shirt wearing ‘crew’ are buzzing back and forth, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face.

First, chose your Agave cocktail. We go with a classic Margarita and it’s perfectly balanced with addictive salt rim, along with a Biotic Batanga from the Experiential range. It’s a blend of kombucha, tequila and Amaro Montenegro. These guys know their mezcals!

Whilst the quac to chips ratio sadly misses the mark needing more holy green stuff, the charred sweet corn arrives. It’s dripping with chipotle mayo and shavings of manchego cheese, these babies are more addictive than Pringles. Go ‘raw’ with a kingfish leche de tigre, lime cured slices covered in a garden of toasted puffed rice, coriander and corn salsa. Taco’s are fun and varied. Our favourites being the 8hr smoked beef brisket, flavoursome fish topped with pineapple and coriander salsa. If mystery meat (aka a sausage) is not normally your preferred order, try it here. The chicken recipe is made for them and smoked in house. They arrive sliced and pack a powerful paprika paprika oregano and black pepper punch. If you have room end with churros dipped in warm dulce de leche.

So pop these dates in your diary and book early as SoCal launches its second hugely successful TACO & TEQUILA FIESTA.

SoCal Taco & Tequila Fiesta Diary Dates –
4 May: Taco & Tequila Fiesta Launch Party
5 May: Cinco De Mayo Sunday Session
6 May: Comedia Night
7 May: $30 All You Can Eat Tacos & $10 Margies 
8 May: Olmeca ALTOS Tequila Cocktail Masterclass
9 May: Chilli Eating Contest
10 May: Taco & Tequila Degustation Dinner

SoCal 1 Young Street Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia1 Young Street, Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia,

Hours: Monday & Tuesday: 5pm – late, Wednesday & Thursday: 12pm – late, Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 2am, Sunday: 12pm – 12am

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