Cult Coffee in Cronulla

If you’ve ever had coffee in the Shire, chances are you already know about Grind.

A Cronulla institution, this cult following espresso bar has been keeping the Shire’s sun-kissed surfer crowds happy for ten years.

And now, after a decade of pumping out the best brews south of the Bra Boys, Grind’s said goodbye to its pokey hole-in-the-wall outfit and hello to a new BIGger joint – complete with elbow room.

Mix-matched chairs meet green vinyl lounges, bench seats, and a heap of outdoor seating. Old coffee pots adorn mantels, vintage water jugs are scattered on tables, and there’s a coffee cupping area marked with an impressive 1915 antique espresso machine. And to top it all off, the whole joint is 100% solar powered.

Now let’s talk coffee. From espressos to ristrettos, cortados to doppios, there’s no shortage of choice. Regular flat white with one – sure.  Cold drip – don’t mind if you do.  French Press, Turkish, Napoletana, Filter, AeroPress, Pour-Over, Syphon – no problems. They’ve got it all.

Take time to admire the retro Faema espresso machine and infamous photo-wall with postcards from travelling customers declaring, “I’d rather be at Grind”. Now that’s barista loyalty at its best.

Head southbound and fight the locals for a table.

Shop 4/15 Surf Road, Cronulla 2230
Open daily, 6am – 6pm

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