Carwyn Cellars Opens a Bar Out Back

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There are people who know booze, then there are people who know good booze. The people at Carwyn Cellars know their grog and have been selling it for a while now. But they’ve decided to start serving it too, in glasses, like a bar. Well actually, that’s exactly what it is. They’ve turned their storeroom into a bar. They’ve aptly named it Back Room Bar.

There are two different ends of High Street in our lovely inner north. You’ve got the trendy health food shop filled Northcote side and then you’ve got the occasionally shifty looking Thornbury side. Well, this newbie lives on the Thornbury side, along with other travel-worthy establishments like Pizza Faro, The Thornbury Local, Northcote Bakeshop, and The Moor’s Head. We could go on, but we think you get the point. Brave the shifty and venture into this up and coming area. It’s got a lot of good stuff on offer.

Anyway, now that you’re ok with the location, we should tell you more about that good booze. Obviously a boutique bottle shop was never going to disappoint in the drinks menu department, but we weren’t expecting over 150 whiskies, 11 mezcals, and an ever-changing mix of 16 draught beers. They’re also planning to have espresso martinis on tap and a house beer. We’re looking forward to that.

If you need some nosh with your booze they’re serving up cheese and charcuterie boards, and getting pizza delivered from The Moor’s Head over the road. Good times. Good times until 2am more specifically.

Back Room Bar 
877 High Street, Thornbury 
(03) 9484 1820
Open daily from noon til late

Image via Kristoffer Paulsen

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