The Garage Sale Trail

So, you want to shop thrift?  You know, like Rachel Zoe. Jump on board the Garage Sale Trail, pronto.

Whether you’re a seller, shopper or need that springboard to share your fabulous business idea from, the Garage Sale Trail promises an endless supply of business opportunities and uncovering the pre-loved. Held across Australia this coming Saturday (5 May), the Garage Sale premise is based around sustainability, creativity and micro-enterprise; just the kind of event you’ll love.

Fancy trawling through treasures owned by musical maestro Angus Stone, or style doyennes Marnie Skilling, Pip Edwards and Sibella Court? They’re all keen contenders and dutiful celebrity ambassadors to name a few. Court promises to unveil oddities and curiosities spanning across her 20 year career as a stylist – expect a bounty of finds to decorate your home.

In Melbourne? Check out Hosier Lane’s monster garage sale, selling over 1,000 pairs of funky shoes to raise funds for Youth Projects.

With already more than 370,000 items registered for sale, we can’t wait to see the streets come alive. 

Find a garage sale near you or register online at Garage Sale Trail

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