Tomislav takes on Sydney

New Tomislav restaurant
Fresh from an eight-year stint in the UK, chef Tomislav Martinovic has returned to his roots with a fresh set of eyes and renewed perspective on what it is to create ‘simple’, Australian cuisine.

Using locally sourced ingredients and cues from the food of his youth, he cites the texture of Kraft cream cheese, Yogo and salt and vinegar chips among the sources of inspiration at his chic Darlinghurst digs.

“We even include a few of those really crunchy bits at the bottom that everyone loves eating at the end,” he says of his popular crinkle cut potato chip dish: there’s definitely a sense of humour in the water (and the menu) here.

While his favourite tools of the trade are high tech ones – used to create soils, gels, foams and jellies – he insists that his food isn’t molecular gastronomy (though it’s clear he holds UK chef Heston Blumenthal in high regard), it’s a texture thing.

Expect lighter textures to familiar flavours, like his roast Tinder Creek duck breast with olive oil sponge, or vanilla cheesecake built from a classic biscuit base, topped with mousse-like ‘cake’ and bits of cheesecake jelly. It may not look like something your Nan made, but there’s a comforting familiarity and lip-smacking in the experience. His next project? A take on  quintessential Aussie fave, the lamington.

2/13 Kirketon Road, Darlinghurst 2010
T: (02) 9356 4535

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