Ormeggio at The Spit

New Northern Italian waterside eatery
Must eat?  Must impress? Be notably new? Alessandro Pavoni and Fraser Gutherie’s fine Northern Italian, waterside eatery meticulously meets your brief.  

Chef Pavoni offers a new menu inspired by the regional cuisine that runs in his blood; simple seafood, game meats and polenta that the Lombardia region is famous for.

As the sun sets across The Spit waterway and Middle Harbour, start with Sardines pan fried, wrapped in prosciutto, pine nuts, and sultanas. Move on to agnolotti stuffed with ricotta and 3 years aged bagoss cheese, tomato, basil and Ligurian olives, or seafood risotto made in the traditional ‘onda’ style. 

If your reservation stretches more than ten, give 24 hours notice and opt for the Spiedo alla Breciana (traditional Brescian spit roast with chicken, pork, rabbit and quail slow cooked for 5 hours with sage and butter).

For dolci? Deliberate between fig crudo, pistachio gelato and cinnamon bread; and sesame gelato and chocolate wafer layers, strawberries and basil salad. 

‘Ormeggio’ (which means berth or mooring in Italian) goes a little further with a take-away kiosk.  Perfect for gourmet hamper meets on the boat or a picnic at the upgraded Spit West Reserve nearby.

Sit back and watch the boats of D’albora Marina pass by. Ormeggio ably looks after the rest.

D’Albora Marinas, The Spit, Mosman 2088
T: (02) 9969 4088

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