Mahjong room get competitive

Okay, admit that you’re the competitive sort. You like smashing times at the gym, and you like having a fast car. A ‘friendly’ Pictionary game? There’s no such thing.

Still, your competitive streak can be a good thing.

Take it to MahJong PlayLunch at the MahJong Room restaurant. On the last Saturday of each month get your team of four together and play the most popular and ancient of Chinese games whilst enjoying a delicious assortment of dim sum. You can even bring along your own lucky mahjong set.

Based on skill, calculation and strategy, the object of the game is to build complete suits, typically of threes, from either 13 or 16 tiles. The first person to achieve this goal is declared winner.

You can expect to see an inquisitive younger crowd and regular elders rekindling childhood memories playing on retro 60 and 70’s antique tables. Beginners are welcome and restaurant owner William Hui will give first timers an instruction booklet.  Before your prawn dumplings are served you’ll be throwing down mahjong tiles with the best of them.

If you prefer to stick to the challenge of ordering food, the menu of simple Cantonese, home-style cooking will require some negotiation. Steamed scallops with glass noodle and mild chilli black bean paste, or tiger prawns with sugar peas wok fried in XO sauce? It’s easier to get both. You can BYO or choose from the wine list that changes every season.

Strategy served with steaming bowls of food…Game on.

MahJong PlayLunch
Last Saturday of each month, 2 – 5pm
Bookings essential, Mahjong Room, 312 Crown Street, Surry Hills. $39 pp.

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