Two birdies told me


A website called LoveBirds can be dismissed as too mushy, but this is worth making note. Why? It will make your life easier. Our faith in this forgone conclusion comes from knowledge. And that knowing translates to: your other half will be blissfully happy.

 Happy because you have arranged a romantic weekend away. Blissful because you have chosen one supreme honeymoon destination. And you didn’t curse in the planning process or complain about it being hard work.

 You simply logged on to and selected one of the fine accommodation packages on offer.

Each of the two-hundred or so properties has been handpicked by the LoveBirds husband and wife team, David and Victoria Sichler. Before they’re included each need to pass their litmus test of having something truly special for people travelling in twos.

You can search for accommodation from all over Australia under styles such as ‘absolute seclusion’, ‘gourmet getaways’ or our favourite, ‘unique nests’. Compile a favourites list (for those last minute surprise weekend getaways of course) or sign yourself up for an anniversary reminder. Handy if you need a place other than a kennel to sleep that night.

 Lovebirds say that spending time with your sweetheart is something we all need to do more of – we couldn’t agree more.


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