Kitchens on Kent – Celebrate the Everyday

Whilst Sydney dining has come of age. Sadly the buffet has not…until now. Westfield caught the trend early, creating destination dining ‘gone posh’ with dishes cooked a la mode. As you enter the Langham Hotel look right, the luxe pink pooch water-bowl station tells you this is a place which looks after its guests – two legged or four, just a bit differently.

Kitchens on Kent at the Langham Hotel redefined the buffet scene when it launched a few months ago with its ‘stations’ concept. Now it goes one better with a new range of daily and seasonal events which are perfect for the girls, the other half, the family or simply you, because you are worth it.

Sydney Rock Oysters, tiger prawns and crab

If you haven’t been, then be prepared to throw all buffet preconceptions at the wall. Everything made to order, with dedicated chefs curating your experience! The space is luxurious with chandeliers, comfy banquets and diners who know how to dress for dinner. We choose a wine flight and start with Rob Dolan Blanc de Blanc sparkling which is a perfectly pairing with Sydney Rock Oysters, Australian Tiger prawns and Balmain Bugs. If that’s not enough, the sashimi master assembles our choice of salmon, kingfish, octopus (the scallops have already been snappled -darn it).

If you need a second serve then head over to the freshly made sushi and fill a bowl with mighty fine miso. We are pacing ourselves and peruse the stations carefully, opting for different mains. Meat lovers will enjoy the robata grill – our kangaroo and fillet steak is perfectly cooked to order.

Stir fry section

Peking duck pancakes are being snared as soon as they are made, minus spring onion due to customer feedback (wot? nooo!!!!) the cooks keep pace with orders of pumpkin risotto, prawn noodle stir fry and make up a cream salmon dish on the fly as spaghetti carbonara is so good, its sold out by 8pm! As it’s Saturday, we opt for a small serve of spit roasted suckling pig and a freshly cooked naan. Yeah, we know they don’t really go together, but who is watching? Its delish!

choose your desert

A Rob Dolan Tempranillo is quickly consumed followed by Kracher Beerenauslese cuvee dessert wine. Our only challenge is to pick from the 30 strong desert options ranging from cupcake, cheese board to macaroons.

Mindfulness is all about the now, so don’t wait for a special occasion, every day has something to celebrate, just book a table and get ready to feast in a new elegant and luxurious way.

Kitchens on Kent, The Langham Hotel, 89-113 Kent Street, Sydney

Daily Specials Monday & Friday Lobster nights, Tuesday BBQ Ribs, Wednessday Wok fried chili crab, Thursday Peking Duck, Saturday Spit Roasted Pig, Sunday Roast Dinner. Weekends Bottomless Brunch, Thanksgiving, Christmas Lunch and NYE now bookable!

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