How to brew the perfect coffee

The Grounds' coffee team at work, image by Charlotte CurdAw the sweet, sweet smell of fresh coffee. The anticipation helps us get out of bed in the morning, and the real deal helps us get through the day. It’s International Coffee Day this Sunday, October 1st, and to celebrate the experts over at The Grounds of Alexandria have shared with us their tips and tricks to the perfect coffee:

  1. Buy a grinder: freshly ground coffee is half the battle of producing quality coffee at home. A decent grinder will cost anywhere between $100-$200 but the benefit is worth it.
  2. Grind your coffee as you need it. Coffee goes stale very quickly once it’s ground, usually within a few hours, and so grinding to order at home will keep it fresh.
  3. Buy freshly roasted coffee, but not so much you won’t get through it. Try to use a bag within a 6 week time frame.
  4. For any filter based coffees, don’t bring the water to boiling point because it will immediately burn the coffee and effect the end result.
  5. Use bottled or filtered water when making your coffee. Tap water contains chlorine and unwanted minerals which negatively effect the taste of the coffee.
  6. Bonus point! If you want to go the extra mile, pre-heat your brewing devices and cups to serve for an added touch.

From the pure simplicity of a perfect espresso, to the complexity of a cold brew, the team at The Grounds sell more than 3,000 cups of coffee a day, they even have a Head of Coffee Education, Head Roaster and a Coffee Sommelier, so they know what they’re talking about!

The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria


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