Bloody Mary’s On a Whole Other Level

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When we say “Hangover Cure” what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? That’s right, Bloody Mary’s. Nothing nips a hangover in the butt like a spicy glass of tomato juice with a sneaky shot of vodka. But it’s not all morning-after fun at Bloody Mary’s Sydney. This new bar is just as good at creating hangovers as they are at getting rid of them.

The theme is Americana at Bloody Mary’s Sydney and the namesake drink really does steal the show. The tomato juice is homemade on site and if you like it spicy, there’s even a sauce bar where you can heat things up to your personal notch.

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And it’s not just the regular ol’ Bloody Mary on show, the team has thought far beyond the box and come up with clever creations such as the Bloody Hell and Bloody Cesar. The latter replaces a traditional stick of celery with a deconstructed Cesar salad of crispy bacon, lettuce leaf, a boiled egg, prawn and crouton. The Bloody Hell? Well, how would you like a slider on the side? And by on the side we mean on a skewer in your drink, with a chicken kebab on the other side.

Once you’ve had your socks knocked off by their spicy cocktails it’s probably a good idea to get some food in your stomach. If you want to try a little of everything or to just get into the American mood then the Heart Attack is for you. Fried everything. Chowder, a burger and buffalo wings go down a treat too.

Burger - Blood Mary's v1
But if you’re feeling like something a little more refined (or less calorific) then you still have options. The Catch of the Day comes with a side of slaw and refreshes the palate. Or if you’re loving the burn from your Bloody Mary then keep the theme going with the chilli crab linguine. The dessert menu is simple but gosh, y’all, a New York Cheesecake is a fitting way to finish the night.

Had a little too much fun and stayed til close? After you’ve gone home for a quick snooze, come back bright and early in the morning and do it all over again. Breakfast starts at 8am, and yes, you can get a Bloody Mary (no judgment here, or there). It’s always Bloody Mary o’clock at Bloody Mary’s Sydney.

Bloody Mary’s Sydney
332 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010
(02) 9360 5568

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