Street Photography Tips with Leica and Jesse Marlow


Photography is an every day occurrence now with the technological advancements of phones. Right? You’ve got pictures in your phone of your breakfast, your feet at the tram stop, and a few screenshots of hilarious things you’ve seen on the internet. But sometimes it makes us forgot about the true art and beauty of photography. Photography is used to tell stories, evoke an emotion, share candid moments of life.

With the launch of the new Leica Q, which has launch just a few months ago, we thought it was time to get back to the real meaning of photography. This new camera has a few highlights worth mentioning, including the fact that it has the fastest autofocus in its class meaning it has almost real-time precision focusing. It also has a full-frame sensor and fixed 28mm lens, meaning it is the perfect partner in crime for street, architectural and landscape photography. Jesse Marlow, well known and awarded Melbourne photographer, gives us his top tips for exploring the streets through a lens.


Let’s let Jesse take it from here.

Street style photography should raise more questions than it gives answers. Photos that stop you in your tracks and require a second look are the types of photos I strive to take, and enjoy viewing. Here are my five top tips for capturing great images on the streets. 

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Keep It Simple.

I always try to keep things simple and be open to anything when shooting. Keep your kit simple and just carry your camera – no big lenses or camera bags that only make you stand out more.

Don’t plan, react.

It’s all about capturing what you see in the moment. That’s why I never leave the house with any pre-conceived ideas about what I’m going to shoot.


Quick is key.

Street style is a spontaneous form of photography, so being able to react quickly is fundamental. You need to trust, and be confident in, your own instincts. Shooting with a simple kit and knowing all the capabilities of my camera is also essential.

Blend In.

Whenever I’m shooting I try my best to blend into the crowd. I like to capture people interacting with the urban environment in colourful, graphic and sometimes humorous situations. However, I rarely interact with anyone from the public when I’m out shooting, to ensure my photos are completely candid.


Less is more.

Beautiful candid street style photos don’t have to be taken on busy, bustling city streets. Often the best photos are taken in quieter streets, at the beach, on a farm or at home.

All of Jesse’s photos used here have been taken with the new Leica Q. To read more about the new camera, head to Leica’s official website.


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