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Everywhere you look someone is avoiding some category of food these days. Or they’re jumping on the I Quit Sugar or Paleo bandwagons. We’re not here to judge any of those, but we are here to tell you there’s a place in the city serving sweet treats that have nothing bad in them. At all.

Raw Trader has been opened on Sutherland Street in Melbourne by Emily Samyue (Owner & Head Chef) who has a background in food manufacturing. They specialise in organic, raw, vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free treats. Hello guilt free chocolate.


They start the day with house made granolas and chia delights, and move to serious cakes like the chocolate hazelnut layer cake and the apple crumble cake. Cheesecakes, slices, tarts, puddings, bliss balls, and ice cream are all on the menu. Or if you’re just after some good old fashioned chocolate (of the raw kind) you can get your hands on choc mint, or even goji berry and coconut bark.


I’m thirsty we hear you say. Well they’re serving up organic coffee with nut milks of course, tea, and hot chocolate as well as whole fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.

To top off the guilt free feelings all their packaging is reusable or recyclable. No bad feels here people.

Raw Trader
10 Sutherland Street, Melbourne 3000

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Yoga teacher, writer, blogger, and marketing whiz – it’s safe to say Amy Collins is a busy little lady. Her idea of a stellar evening is yoga class followed by a glass of wine. Her favourite quote: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”


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