Parida is the new Bondi Beachfront oasis

ParidaBreakfast in Bondi can be a bit daunting. Do you put on your active wear 2XU compression tights, rent a really cute dog on Pawshake or go glamazon with a Iconic makeover with oh so sea salt tussled hair and glambag to boot? It’s a tough call. Millions of people around the globe just want to be you. That the person sitting at the window seat enjoying a cappuccino, a skipping rope from the sea.

Parida captures the Australia dream. Co-founders Frida and Peter asked each other, “If you won the lotto  what would you do?” Then found themselves, living the reality which now is their dream. Its been a 2-year hospitality journey, but worth it.

Thanks to a local designer Parida has been  transformed into a Moroccan inspired space. Tiled teal blue columns, banquet seating along the main wall, cushioned cubby corners for couples, hanging baskets of ferns and copious amount of window seating create an inviting space.

Parida breakfastThe breakfast menu is packed with local produce including Kemps Creek free range eggs and award winning Bake Bar bread. Fans of Dr Seuss might be amused by green eggs & ham, though its Bondi fans have already decided the signature dish is Parida Benedict. It’s a Marvel movie romp of Australian breakfast superheroes; sourdough, avocado, feta, poached eggs with a twist – the mighty rosti. We could have a bowl of these oh-so-not rosti’s they look like arancini balls but are mini power packs of house peeled, boiled, dehydrated and then toasted potato. Don’t overlook the Tahini Eggs which is so much fun; flat pita layered with house made falafel, yoghurt tahini, crispy chickpeas, cucumber, pita, za’atar, tomato salsa and poached eggs. Just mash it all up and then try and work out how to eat it. Chili fans should go Escobar –  Sriracha scrambled chilli eggs with a fan of avocado, spring onion, crispy bacon and tomato salsa.

So grab a Gabriel coffee get a prime outdoor table and its more likely that the people watching will be those who wished they were you…

Parida Bondi
The Pacific Building 
Shop Go8A, 180-186 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach 
Opening hours: 
Mon – Fri 7am – 3pm 
Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm

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